The Haemoview®-test is carried out as follows:

• Drop a series of 5 blood drops on the slide.


• Specific structures are formed during drying up the blood  depending

  on different physiological processes .



Healthy people point out absolutely homogeneous clusters of


By disturbances of the physiological order in the organism comes  it

  by a change of the stability of the membran of erythrocytes as a

  result of the activity of the free radicals to the construction from

  surfaces free of erythrocytes (ROS-masses, ROS = reactive oxygen

  species), and other specific changes, from which on  diagnostic tips

  can be concluded.                                     






Normally Haemoview®-test.    Haemoview®-test after physiological changes.
To the standardization it is necessary to develop the always identical work routine under standardised conditions. With the Haemoview®-test this standardization is achieved, while a constant source of light can be given and therefore the RGB-colour scale after white comparison be definitely assigned.

Then specific pattern recognition programmes allow a counting and analysis of typical signs to certain status images
. Sum of all results flow taking into account other anamnestic readings to the interpretation of the test.

Haemoview®-test is provided in a chemical lab on basis of standardised, computer-aided measuring results. We point out to the fact that it concerns with the Haemoview®-test shown on this homepage a light-microscopic procedure. By decades of research we could manifest the sense and the importance of the test (see "literature", papers).

The Haemoview®-test does not belong to the in general approved methods for the purposes of a recognition by school medicine, and does not fall therefore also under medical reservation right. From school-medical view the effectiveness of this method is not proved and do not replace with thus also for the diagnosis and for treatment with a doctor. We judge a cooperation with the school medicine as very important.

With the Haemoview®-test concerns it neither remedial statements nor around remedial promise.