We want to introduce to you with pleasure our publications which have developed within the scope of our research operations:

Siegfried Wassertheurer, Michael Landsiedl, Verena Haudek, Christopher Gerner, Karoline Pablé: Digital Image Acquisition and Analysis Tools for Biomedical Research Applications, MICROSCOPY AND ANALYSIS • JULY 2006, ©2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Michael Landsiedl, Siegfried Wassertheurer, Verena Haudek, Karoline Pablé, Wolfgang Köstler, Tamara Schiesser,Christopher Gerner: Digital Pattern Recognition of Blood Drops.


Lecture within the scope of the Cancer Congress in 2009 of the Austrian Society for Oncology: "Der Haemoview - Test in der Diagnose und im Therapieverlauf, Dr. Karoline Pablé"

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